Tom Mohler

Tom Mohler is CEO of Ocean Holdings, which includes the company’s owned and operated companies: Ocean Communications, Olympusat, Inc., Ocean Distribution, Ocean New Media and Hatch Entertainment. Under Ocean Communications, Tom built the company into the largest independent distributor of cable networks with programming contracts and inventory totaling more than 60 million homes to date. Combining his unique understanding of the needs of independent networks, Tom began Olympusat, Inc., which owns and operates nine TV cable networks and is the first company of its kind in the media industry offering such independent cable networks vertical integration by providing transport, distribution and advertising services through a single, independent company. Under the Olympusat umbrella there are a slate of 11 Spanish-language channels, four English-language emerging networks and 16 Faith & Families services. Prior to starting Ocean Communications and Olympusat, Tom held positions with Comcast Cable, TCI and Continental Cable.

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